Mohammad Reza Yazdanpanah was born in 1954 in Kerman. He spent his primary and secondary education there, and in 1975 he moved to United States of America for continuing his education, and began to study civil engineering in Fullerton university of California.

In 1981 after finishing his education, he came back to Iran and began his activities in Jihad and continued it until 1985.

At this year he was appointed as managing director of coordinating administrative affairs of prime ministry.

The most glorious and significant period of his life began in 1985 when he became the responsible of an abandoned and remote island in Persian Gulf (Kish Island). He spent a long time in this island and with his effort this island became one of the most important tourism pole in Iran.

His other prominent activities have been:

Establishing and starting the Sirjan special trade zone,
Establishing and starting Kerman development organization,
Establishing Kerman automobile manufacturing company,
Publishing Free zones magazine and Azad newspaper.

At present he is managing director of Tourism Areas Organization.